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Smooth Operator Podcast

Discover the Newest Episodes Here!
Discover the Newest Episodes Here!

"Adam is one of the most innovative Soldiers I’ve ever worked with, led the development and execution of multiple JIIM (Joint Interagency Intergovernmental, and Multinational), real-time online simulations to support degrading violent extremist organization narratives. His contributions allowed a proof of concept for future real-time analytics and messaging scenarios in preparation for worldwide missions."

Rafa Linera, PhD
LTC, US Army

"Adam is a true professional and completely mission focused. When working with Adam, there was never a question or doubt about project, client, and product quality and satisfaction. From start to finish, the results yielded opened new doors and increased our team’s productivity."

Sean Colon
CPT(R), US Army

"Wow! Adam is a true maverick in the Social Media space. If you want a partner who’s going to take your campaign, goals, and needs to the next level — this is the expert you’re looking for. Once you work with Adam… you won’t go anywhere else!"

Jordana Meade
Thousandfold Consulting

"Excellent work, delivered on schedule, with great communication. I look forward to continuing to work with Adam!"

Christopher Sutton
Musical U

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