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4 Ways We Can Work Together

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Smooth Operator Podcast

Join me on the Smooth Operator podcast every week for my latest episodes, interviews, and topics on what it really takes to build a thriving team and regain your freedom.

Featured Interviews

  • ​Armin Shafee from
  • Nicky Billou from eCircle Academy
  • Malorie Nicole Forbes #1 Podcaster

Operator Happy Hour

Join us for a happy hour to remember! Come together and sip your favorite beverage, collaborate with other professionals, and share your experiences.

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Operator Quick Start:
Awaken The Warrior Within

Within each and every one of us lies a warrior in waiting. Discover how to awaken your warrior spirit and conquer what's holding you back!

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Smooth Operations System

Small group coaching program designed to help you create the operational structures and systems to accelerate your life and business growth.

Inside, we'll show you:

  • Team Leadership so you can lead your team with intention and empathy while accomplishing your goals
  • Project Management systems to help you take on the biggest projects with less stress
  • Strategic Planning structures to dream big and break down goals into accomplishable tasks
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Smooth Operator Coaching

Work directly with me to discover the Operator that's inside of you and unleash your power to your business. 

Inside, we'll show you:

  • How To Operate a world-class team that works hard and plays hard - while growing to new levels
  • Operator Skills that have been forged through years of battle and scaling businesses
  • Confidence and Clarity on how to run your team and accomplish your big goals


Our Products

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Proven Outcomes

John Conroy
Freelance Copywriter

"So one thing I'll say about with the operations, Musical U is a company that is like run more smoothly than anyone I've ever really experienced. And as a freelance copywriter, especially at the start, like going from job to job, like you work with a lot of different companies. And then over the years, I've worked with a lot of seven and eight figure companies then as well. And none of them were really comparable to Musical U in terms of just how efficiently everything run was run. "

Gregg Goodhart
The Learning Coach

"One thing I can tell you is, no matter what was going on, no matter what crisis may have come up, I was always happy to see him. Because I knew stuff would get solved. We'd figure it out. He'd do what he needed to do, or I do what he told me I needed to do. And things always worked out regarding his advice that just kind of evolved as I got to know him over that three year period."

Christopher Sutton
Musical U

"Once Adam was heading up operations, he gradually introduced a number of systems and processes that bit by bit transformed how our business ran to the point where we were able to take on vastly more ambitious projects with a lot less stress in the team. For me as the business owner, it was like everything just started to run like clockwork, while keeping all of the energy and creativity that the team thrived on, we were able to stay agile and move fast."


"You've changed my life. I mean, you know, literally in terms of what you've done, and it's like, always in progress, learning and sharing and learning and sharing and making it in some way that's going to help and it's going to serve and make things better for people."



"I am seeing how much of what you did was invisible, how much work you just made happen, magically, when none of us even realize it existed. You managed to get that balance of making everything seamless, and just keeping it ticking over. While still finding time to make sure that you checked in with everyone. You have been that emotional support for everyone. And I think I will always be in awe of the fact that you managed to create that balance."



"Adam is a true professional and completely mission focused. When working with Adam, there was never a question or doubt about project, client, and product quality and satisfaction. From start to finish, the results yielded opened new doors and increased our team's productivity."


© Adam Liette Marketing

© Adam Liette Marketing

© Adam Liette Marketing