145. Changing Your Life To Meet Your Goals

Friday, March 01, 2024

Smooth Operator/Podcast/145. Changing Your Life To Meet Your Goals

145. Changing Your Life To Meet Your Goals


What are your wildest goals and dreams for the next year? Five years? Ten years?

We tell ourselves that when we achieve our goals that we’ll be able to become this person that is successful. Adopting the habits and ways of interacting with the world that we we see from those that have achieved success.

But the truth is, we have it all backwards.

You need to become that person in order to achieve the success that you desire.

Discover more about how to shift your personal and professional habits to conquer your goals.


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The Greatest Opportunity Of A Lifetime...

20 Business Owners Lives Will Change In 2024...
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The Greatest Opportunity Of A Lifetime

20 Business Owners Lives' Will Change in 2024

​​... And I'm Personally Inviting You To Be One Of Them!


Adam Liette
This is the smooth operator Podcast. I'm Adam Liette, director of operations for a seven figure online business and eight year veteran of Army Special Operations on this show begin with the tactical, nitty gritty of what it really takes to run a thriving online business. Because at the end of the day, operators lead the way. What's up Smith operators Welcome to this episode, hope you're having a kick ass week and getting on with things. It's already Thursday, end of the week is in sight, which means sometimes that's time to double down, you know, really flex our muscles work towards those goals that we have for each individual week. Because we have these big goals, we have these visions for the future annual goals. And yes, even weekly goals. And if you're not working from a goal oriented posture, like you're really setting yourself up for chant yourself up for chance, where like every day, and every week, you're just kind of taking things as they go. And that's not really where we want to be. Because we don't have something to chase, we don't have a thing that we're actually moving towards. And I really want to talk about that like trying to meet our goals and what we have to do to do that, because it's not just what we're putting into the work. Okay, the work is certainly one part of things. But there's a lot more that has to go into this. I've found this out in my own personal life and professional life. And I think it goes without saying that this is most certainly a truism from the number of examples that we've seen throughout the world. And really, we have to start from the idea that we need to work backwards.

Adam Liette
Okay, I think we all have told ourselves some story about the person we're trying to become or this vision we have of the future and the person we're going to be when we reach that monetary value point or that level of fame. And we imagine what those people are the people we look up to, we imagine what they're like, we imagine how they live their lives, how they working in their business, and we tell ourselves that, hey, when I reach that level, I'm going to be like this person, or I'm gonna do this. And that's completely backwards, okay, because we are waiting on those eventualities. Whereas we have to start being the person that has achieved that level of success that we're aiming towards, we have to be that person. Now. Who am I going to be when I reach that stage, I need to be them now. And being that person will allow me to reach that stage. Okay, so it's all these things that we're putting inside ourselves, and that we're putting our attention to, that ultimately, will give us the permission. And quite frankly, the stick to itiveness, and all the vision and all the things that we need to do to reach that level of growth. So I want you to just really stop and like, really just take a moment and like define your goal state? Like where do you want to be in one year? Think about it for a second and just pause the show if you have to, and just like make a No shit, here's where I want to be in one year. And let me ask you now, what are the behaviors and habits of someone that has achieved where you want to be in one year, five years, 10 years? How are they living their lives. And I want you to start living your life that way.

Adam Liette
Now. I want you to start living with intention. And start putting those practices into action. Because it's those practices, those habits, those routines, those ways of looking at the world, those ways of interacting with the world that will ultimately allow you to achieve that growth to achieve that level you need to be now and when you do that, now you're going to have the structure and the vision that you need to ultimately achieve that level of growth. And so that person that you're trying to become that person you're going to become now how do you need to change your life and leave no stone no stone unturned here. Be willing to throw out everything and start a new because that's exactly what you're doing. You're going to start being a different person in the world. Think about your morning routine, some of your health habits. How are you feeling your body? How are you setting yourself up for that success? We all know. I mean you if you follow particular thought leaders you hear the some of the things that they're doing. That gives them momentum that gives them clarity that gives them agility and strength. They didn't start doing them when they became successful. I guarantee that how are your personal relationships at that level of success?

Adam Liette
What are the things that you're doing? Think about your your, your spouse, or your your girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever? Like what kind of relationship to someone that has achieved that level of success? Have? What are the things that they're able to do? You might not be able to do like the private planes, right? But can you still take time to develop your interpersonal relationships more? What kind of professional development habits do the super successful have? How are they taking in information and continuing to grow? How do they show up and dress? It's a really little simple thing I've talked about several times. If you're like me, I work remote. Okay, I am in an office in my house, where Yes, I'm on camera a lot. But I can pretty much dress however I want for the most part. And yet, I made the decision years ago, to have a uniform. And to show up the same way to have this particular vision that I'm putting out there. And I continue to work on that and adopt new practices, new behaviors, that will have me looking different to the world looking the way that I want to be perceived. Something as simple as the fact that even when I'm working from home, and I'm not going to be on zoom all day, I still shave. Shaving is a part of my outward appearance that I put out in the world could be different for you, you could have a beard, that's fine. I'm not saying you have to adopt shaving, but consistency. And yes, for you ladies out there, it might be dressing the same way, whether you're going to be in the board meeting or not. And becoming a thought leader, if we if we think about those people that we are looking up to that we're chasing, you know, they're showing up on podcasts, we see him on YouTube, we see them on all sorts of different mediums, you know, those mediums are out there, right now, it just might be smaller shows, okay? But like being able to express yourself in that those mediums is not a skill that you suddenly magically acquire. When you make it right, you have to be practicing now.

Adam Liette
Because it's going to be that continuous practice that continuous putting yourself out there, you're going to develop better habits, you're going to develop better ways of communicating all through the act of doing. So I can make a little habit if I never say no to a podcast at this stage of my growth. Because I'm not big enough obviously to get like Alex or Mozi is not calling James Wedmore is not calling Russell Brunson is not calling yet. That's where I want to be. And that's where I will be someday. But right now, it's anybody that comes along, says I'd love the Honor show. Great, let's do it, I'm gonna make time for you. Because I know that I'm going to put in the reps. And we're going to become better and better and better and better and better at communicating where I am in the world, what I do for the world and how I can help you. But it's not because I sat down and I wrote a perfect script. It's because I put myself out there again and again and again. And I continue to develop my message, you need to be doing the same thing. start becoming a thought leader now. And you will develop the muscles to do it later. And this is I've talked a lot about professional practices, this goes into your personal practices.

Adam Liette
So just one thing that I've done this year, I looked at the beginning of the year, I laid out my 2024 goals, and I said, Holy crap, I have to be 150% of myself to accomplish those goals. Well, I can't be 150% of myself, I can only be 100% of myself. So I need to grow myself to get there. I need to grow my capability. So I need to give up everything that doesn't serve that. And I had to make some fun choices. To do that. Personal practices, personal habits will bleed over into your professional life and how you're conducting yourself how you're showing up in the world. You can't help it you can't tell yourself a lie that Oh, I can do this from five to nine. And it's a matter because I'm off work, it comes into our work. So focus on those two. So if you're wondering, I have no idea where to get started. How do I develop some of these things? I have developed the free training, it's called become the Warrior Within I believe all of us have this inner warrior inside of us. It's innate, it's human nature. It's something that we were born with. Because we are human beings, Homo sapiens that have been surviving in the wilderness and in the wild for 10s of 1000s of years. And just because we're domesticated now does not mean those instincts are not still there. And learning to tap into those instincts how to become a stronger mentally,

Adam Liette
so you can deal with the mental strain of the world will serve you that is promise you. So sign up for that free training at Adam liette.com I promise you, it's, it's really effective. Not all the things you can take every practice that I that I teach in there. But if you adopt one or two of them, it will take you a long way. And rest assured all the things that I do, were not overnight, it took time to develop those and to start doing those specific things. So it's gonna take you time as well and be okay with that. So this episode focused on what we're going to do for ourselves, okay to reach our goals. The thing is, we can do this from within our business too. And that's going to be the next episode. Next week, we're going to talk about the business that you want to become, and how to start doing those things now, so that you can grow into that business that will be the next episode. Please subscribe to make sure you get that notification that the episodes up. And while you're there subscribing, take a moment just to give a quick review for the show. Always appreciate it. And until next time, like I always say man like this is about business growth. It's about becoming better in our business, but so often we have to become better ourselves. Because that's what leaders do. Leaders look after their own ship first, and operators and leaders lead the way. Hey, operators, I believe that within each and every one of us lies a warrior in waiting this warrior is able to conquer any obstacle that comes their way to discover how to awaken your warrior spirit and conquer what's holding you back. Go to Adam liette.com and join awaken the Warrior Within

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Within each and every one of us lies a warrior in waiting.

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