119. Creating A Culture Of Winning

Friday, October 13, 2023

Smooth Operator/Podcast/119. Creating A Culture Of Winning

119. Creating A Culture Of Winning


Are you sabotaging your own goals?

While the gurus will tell you to reach big and set unrealistic goals, there is serious damage you could be doing to yourself and your team.

Because when you accept not reaching goals, you are accepting failure as normal. As an acceptable part of doing business.

However, what if you could learn to win every single day, creating a culture of winning within yourself and your team?

Choose wisely!


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The Greatest Opportunity Of A Lifetime...

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​...And I’m Personally Inviting You To Be One Of Them!


Let me ask you something very, very serious who out there loves to lose? Don't you love it? You wake up and say, Man, I hope I lose today. No, like none of us say that. None of us set goals have the intention of losing them or do E. Interesting thought to start things off. So good to have you. Start off a little bit different one to capture your attention. So good to have you back here smooth operators. I'm Adam Liette. So good to welcome you back. That being said, I want to let's just take a little bit of a side here. And I want to think about watching sports because we're right in the middle of NFL season. I'm a huge football fan. I love it. But my team is like notorious for losing I'm a Browns fan is what it is. It's a cross I bear I get it haha browns.

But what you often hear when the Browns when they're talking about really any any NFL team, they're saying, Man, that team just needs to learn to win. And you know, when a team has learned to one win, because they just seem to pull those victories out of the hat. It's like they can't escape the fact that they're going to win the end of the ballgame. We all know what teams are talking about, you can probably name four or five off the top of your head. If you're a football fan, or whatever sport it is that you like, I don't really care. The point is, it's really the same in all athletics. When teams are in a rut, we often look for victories in those little places. Again, I know this is a Browns fan. If you're a Browns fan, you're like man, that was a good series. So that was a good play, you're looking to win in the smallest ways one drive at a time, one series at a time, one at bat at a time.

Yet, when we put our business hat on and we start thinking about our future self and where our business is going, we have all these wizards of smart, that talk about setting these big, hairy, audacious goals that are way the fuck out. They're like they are huge goals that there is no possible way we can accomplish in the near term. We don't even understand what that could be like, like $100 million business or 10 axing our growth. Would you even know what to do with that kind of growth you want to it would crush you if you actually achieved that goal. So why are we making these ridiculous goals that we can't possibly make when we can't even handle what we're going to receive? You know, Jordan Peterson, he was just talking about like winning the lottery. And he's like, do you really want to win the lottery? Are you responsible enough to handle $400 million? You can handle what you have now. Holy crap, that's like a hit in the baseball, you know, baseball straight that straight to the face moment, isn't it? If you can't handle what you have now, how are you going to handle that kind of responsibility? And the other thing is when we set those huge, ridiculous goals, let's be realistic. We're consistently failing to reach those.

So you can set a goal at a $10 million launch all you want. I'm not gonna call you stupid for it. But let me tell you, are you going to realistically achieve it? Maybe not, maybe if you're if you're, you've done the work to get to that point. Maybe that is realistic for you. Wait, then if $10 million launch is realistic, then are you going to set $100 million launch? That's a whole nother ballgame. Setting goals is a good thing. The bad thing in setting these ridiculous goals is that we're actually teaching ourselves that it's okay. And somewhat enviable, to set ridiculous goals and then fail to reach them. We're telling ourselves it's okay to lose. It's okay to not achieve your desired output. At least you set your goal will gold sticker for you? Sorry, non woke moment of the day I wasn't raised to believe in participation trophies. Life is not a participation trophy. It's about outputs and results and earning what you get.

When we take this to the next step further, because like if you're gonna reach those goals you need to have you're gonna have to have a team let's be honest. Like you're not going to do that yourself. When you look at this from an organization You know, in a leadership perspective, this can become toxic. Because you're teaching your team members, hey, our goal this year is X up. Well, we didn't achieve it. Good job, guys. What happens the next time you hold them accountable for any of their goals? Oh, I see. Do as I say not as I do type of mentality, right? We're allowing ourselves to do this if would we tolerate that from anyone that we're paying good money to? Absolutely not. If you tell me you're gonna deliver 10 sales calls this week, I expect 11 on my desk. If you tell me you're gonna get that video done by tomorrow, I expect it tomorrow. Period. Oh, sorry, I didn't get done. The next week, Boss i i was thinking I was gonna create something bigger. No, you told me tomorrow, I expected it tomorrow.

Do not accept mediocrity for yourself. Expect that you will achieve the goals that you set forward. And to do that, just like our favorite sports team, we need to learn to win all over again. And that's by throwing this crap that you're hearing from all these gurus who don't remember how they got there anymore. They don't know anymore. If you're talking to a business owner is doing 100 150 200 Like one of the big guys I'm not gonna mention him by name, but he's like a multi billionaire. In various industries. Oh, yeah. I'm sure he relates to you struggling entrepreneur who's barely breaking six figures trying to knock on the door to seven or eight. He remembers exactly what it's like to be you doesn't he? Know he has no flippin clue what it's like to be you because he hasn't been in your shoes in a very long time. And the world was a different place when he was coming through those trends through those trials. Did he go through trials? Of course, let's not say oh, you're part of the lucky sperm club. That's not the case. Those people went through their trials. They earned it. But they didn't earn it by setting stupid goals and never achieving them. Instead, let's take a proactive approach to this. Okay.

Bring your goals much, much, much closer. Stop thinking in one 510 20 year plans. And think about today. Think about this very hour. What will you do to win the hour to win the day to win the week and the month we're talking Sprint's towards individual goals. Goals can be as simple as I'm going to finish this report and have it on the desk of my CEO, have it ready to go or have my partner report ready to go have our quarterly earnings report ready to go this hour right now I'm going to buckle down and do it. Next week, I'm going to launch something new, and then you do it. Next month new website and then you do it. Bring your goals closer sprint to accomplish them. That goal is behind you. Now you can set your sights on the next one. You're teaching yourself to learn to win. I take this to an extreme where I have a daily planner, I keep track of everything I do. And one of the things that I do at the end of every day, when the last thing that I do before I lay down at night is there's a little block where it says Where did I win today. And it's funny when I go back often like I'll go back when I'm in reflection mode or like I do this periodically where I'll reflect on the past year, and where I'm going and I'll go back through these planners. And I'll look at all the victories that I had. And sometimes, I mean, some of them are really Oh, I had I had a good promotion or I did this right. And some of them are really telling. It's really telling how many victories we actually have and how revealing those can be. Like one goal that I one victory that I just had recently was that I realized that a perception that I was putting upon myself was complete bullshit. And I was allowing some externalities to impact my sense of peace, my sense of being Hang in, it wasn't true.

And so acknowledging that acknowledging my emotions around something and how is affecting my daily work, that was a win. Because it really was a big step forward for me, your wins can be like that. And what powerful wins those are. So look for victories everywhere, when you have to document it. At the end of the day, honestly, you're going to look for them everywhere, because you're gonna get sick and tired of writing the same thing every day. How do you win today? Oh, I've made it to my kids baseball game, that's a win, don't get me wrong, but you're gonna get tired of writing it, you're gonna look for a little more introspective things. And these things build. When you can teach your team to look for these victories teach your team to win, celebrate their wins with them. When they accomplish them. A win is something as simple as, hey, you really knocked that one project out of the park. You really helped me on this one landing page. That ad crushed it. That email had a click through rate of 6% brother keep it up.

When we learned to win, we also learned to celebrate everyone else's wins, we become a winning person. And with that, you're going to then have a winning organization. This, this is a culture of winning we're building. And that culture is infectious. It becomes part of the daily momentum of the organization, it becomes part of what people are celebrating. If you put up like a Slack channel that's literally just called wins, or victories or celebrations. And you start celebrating people I'm telling you, people will do it for you, they'll start to do it, you won't have to, if you're the one who starts the ball rolling. But if you don't, you can allow people to tear themselves down or be the agent of tearing them down. It usually starts that way. You're the agent. And then that too becomes infectious.

Somebody asked you if you want to look at your organization, your team? Do you want a team of winners? Or do you want a team of people that are constantly judging each other and tearing each other down? I think we all know our answer to that. We know it intrinsically. Just know that the decisions you're making in your own goal setting and where how close you're setting the victories will impact them will have a very direct impact on them. So choose wisely. And now go out today, right now and find a way to win. I know you can. It's right there waiting for you. Find that win, celebrate it and then find someone else's win. Because none of this matters if we're not acknowledging and leading in victory. So operators get out there. You know what to do. Go lead the way.


Sports analogy about learning to win… when teams are in a rut it becomes about putting the pieces together. One drive at a time, one series at a time, one at bat at a time.

Yet often we hear about goal setting and it’s way the fuck out here (100 million dollars!)

10x your growth
Make audacious goals

And yet we consistently fail to reach those

That bad thing about this is not in setting goals, that’s a good thing, but that we are actually teaching ourselves that it’s okay to make goals and then fail to reach them.

As you break this down into an orgnaizational perspective I think you can see where this can become toxic.

Do as I say, not as I do type of mentality

Accepting mediocity

Bring your goals much much closer to you. Think in 1 week or 1 month sprints towards a goal. Knock it out, then set a new one.

Broken down to the daily level.

When you learn how to win, you look for victories everywhere and are constantly fueled by this forward momentum.

When not, it can tear you completely down.

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Within each and every one of us lies a warrior in waiting.

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