115. Marketing From A System

Friday, September 22, 2023

Smooth Operator/115. Marketing From A System

115. Marketing From A System


What is it about marketing that makes so many entrepreneurs anxious?

After working with many entrepreneurs in various industries, I’ve noticed that the tactical aspects of marketing cause far too much hesitation and anxiety.

However, if we’re working from a plan and big picture concepts, there are ways that we can combat this anxiety and give our team systems to work from. It keeps things moving forward and also gives us the strategic outlook at what marketing activities need to take place to keep the business running forward.

Today I’ll discuss big picture marketing systems and how to quickly set up your own system to give you the momentum you need to start moving forward.

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The Greatest Opportunity Of A Lifetime...

20 Business Owners Lives Will Change In 2024...
​...And I’m Personally Inviting You To Be One Of Them!


Adam Liette
Sometimes the change is upon us, sometimes we have to do something a little bit different and embrace what the world is giving us. Welcome to the show smooth operators little bit of a different welcome, isn't it? Because that's the mood I'm in, that's the introspective that I'm feeling. Things are changing things are. I mean, the whole world is changing, right. And marketing is no different marketing is is constant flux. And it's part of what I love so much about it's like, it's so cool how to be in the middle of this whole world. It's it's progressing. And I just see nothing but opportunities. And I hope you see opportunities too. And with that, I want to be the you'd be the first to hear about a new beta program, I'll be opening up in a couple of months, actually, weeks, I'm really putting the impetus on me to have this ready. But the bottom line is I want to work with more of you. And so I'm finding ways to work with more of you. I've been doing almost exclusively one to one clients to this point. And I want to have a bigger impact, I want to speak to more of you and have a greater impact in my environment. Because that's what I was put here on earth to do. So if you are interested, go to Adam liette.com/beta. And I'll have it's just a simple form. Right now, there's not a whole lot of details on that page, I am literally not kidding that the time I'm recording this episode, that page isn't created yet. So that's literally how we're running this, I'm putting most of the effort into the content creation on the inside. And the marketing is configure itself out later. But with that, again, Adam liette.com/beta No Obligation just right way to raise your hand and say you are interested. So thank you so much for obliging me anyway, we have some cool things to talk about tonight, I want to talk about assistant for marketing, because every time I talk to someone that isn't a marketer, which is, quite frankly, most entrepreneurs, you have many that are marketers, many that aren't. And the most common hesitancy that I see from most of these entrepreneurs is the fear of marketing, it's been almost turned into a bad word. In fact, I I've known many, they seem to have this weird sense of pride that they don't mark it. And that's weird to me. Like, come on. Like you don't mark it at all, really, or you've just turned what marketers do into something bad for some reason. I don't get it. But you know, whatever. If that's how you want to be and you want to remain broke, go for it. The rest of us that actually care and want to make an impact, we're going to do our marketing. And I never understood that perhaps that was because I was a marketer first. But also because someone very successful once told me, this was early in my in my days, when I was just getting started, they said, if you have a product or a system or a service that can make a positive influence on people's lives, you have a duty there our responsibility to get it into as many people's hands as possible and to charge them the right price for it.

So it's not just about giving everything away. Because those who pay pay attention, that is a true thing. You can't just give all of your stuff away, that doesn't work. And most people aren't going to go through it anyway because they don't have any value in it. But you do have a responsibility to get what you do in as many people's hands as possible period. And I want you to accept that responsibility. I accept that responsibility in my own life. That's why I'm making their own transition. Like I said before, to start this episode, I want to impact more people. And that requires me to change my business model to do so and change the way I market. So be it my obligation is to impact more people. And I think if you're listening to this show, if you're like me, where you believe in what you do, we just don't show up to work for the hell of it. We show up to work because we're making a fucking difference in the world. I think you can agree with me on that. And that's why we do this. That's why we work the long hours. That's why we put in the blood sweat and the tears. We're just soaking up all the information that we can in order to grow our business, right? I think so. I think that's you. And as I was reflecting all this, I know at many points in my career, I haven't had this weird like mind block where if I'm marketing for someone else, I'm like, hell yeah.

Let's go. Because it's not my thing. Right? But if I'm marketing for myself, there comes a hesitation, that hesitation again, right? It's this weird dichotomy that I play with my own brain, I was trying to figure it out, because I'm trying to, again, continue to level up my own contribution. And I came to realize that the times when I have the most hesitancy are the times where I'm not operating from a plan. Or I'm not operating within a system. Like everything else in business in our lives, we all operate better from a plan, a process that we follow day after day after day after day. If you ever notice, like the hardest thing about giving up and addiction or something is the habit of it. And once you get into new habits, it's easier to get rid of an addiction, but it's the habits that lead us to want to keep on doing something because we get into a habit. So we can think of all the habits that are in our lives. I've just revamped my morning habit, right, the things I do every day. It's not a bad morning habit that I've had so far. But I've revamped it because I wanted to improve. I was like, Okay, this has got done good. So far, it's time to take it to the next level, it's time to shift. And so I did shift. And we have to do the same thing with our marketing.

So I would love to propose the idea that you need a system for your marketing, you need a way of organizing it and putting it into schedulable and tangible or tangible tasks that happen on a calendar automatic, it's coming from a plan. And by that way, you're creating the system. So how do you get started with creating a marketing system? Because it can be it can feel overwhelming? To be honest, if you're going to look at that big calendar, like Russell Brunson would have us put up like a go to Amazon and buy one of those big wall calendars like 12 months and just go mark all of your promos out there, most of us aren't ready for that. Okay. But let's first let's examine the main elements that we'll need to get started. This is not an all inclusive list. These are just the main elements. If you have these four, and these four and a system, you're going to be better than 90 to 95% of all the people that I meet. The first is your content marketing system. How are you getting attention from the world? How are you pulling in interested ears, that has to be done from a system and start thinking about your content marketing as a system. The second is you need a way to nurture those leads, whether it be through emails, through text messages, through phone calls through I don't know carrier pigeons, whatever you got, we need to find a way to nurture those leads. So they become interested people that are reading or listening or watching our content into people that may or may not buy from us need a way to continue that conversation. That's your nurturing system. From there, you got to have a promotional system, you gotta have a way to actually make the sale, how is that sale made being made? I don't know, I don't know your business.

But more than likely involves some kind of a checkout page, some kind of a sales page or a phone call or webinar, the SLC how we're like, really open to a lot of possibilities here. And we start talking about promotional systems, promotions, or promotions or promotions. So there's many different ways of doing them. But let's not really just dig down into that yet. Let's just stick with the idea that we need a system for our promotions. And finally, you need to resell or an upsell system, you need to be able to sell to people again, and you need to find a way to sell more to the people that have already bought from you. So the upsells they say someone buys one thing from you, how do you sell them 10 things? So there's the upsell, resell would, you know just trying to get them to continue to buy what they've been buying? As I said, that's just the start.

There are many, many more than that. But if you start with the basics, you're at least going to be like I said, better off than 90 to 95% of people, because you're gonna think of all these things in concert. Because a lot of times we don't consider all of these things. You'll hear people talk about marketing and let us talk about promotions, or they just talk about content marketing, inbound marketing, if you will, and like well, you can't like inbound marketing is cool. I love inbound marketing, but it doesn't really work without that direct response sale, because that's what gets the conversion. I invite you just like take a piece of paper, a blank sheet of paper and just write down each of those on top of one of those sheets of paper, content marketing system, nurturing system, promotional system, resell upsell system, and work in isolation on each and just jot down all the ideas that you have, or the exact process that you're using. If you have a process To this point, great. Write down your process.

If you're still in Oh, well, we kind of do. And here's how we do promotions. But I have like all these other ideas, great, write them down, stay in ideation mode right now. Think of the possibilities, think of all the things that you could do, if you had the will to do them, and the time and the resources, right? Resources, probably little more difficult, but the time and the will to do them. So if you want to do a VSL, put it on there. If you're interested in doing webinars, if you're interested in doing Facebook ads, put them on there. Put on all the various areas that you'd like to explore for your marketing system. What do these look like? Are we getting a bigger, better picture of what this all entails? Of all the possibilities are in front of us, of all the different ways that we're going to, to do this? And then ask yourself, well, what are the products you can promote? So if we're running a promotion, we have to have products promote, right? So pull out another sheet paper and put down products? How many products can you promote? And I want you to get out of the box here. Because many of us have our own products, right? But can you sell other people's products as well? Can you do affiliate offers? Can you do some kind of partnerships jayvees. So selling more things to people that have already bought one of your products, like let's say you have legit one product, that's okay. That's fine. Great. Congratulations, you created a product good for you, pat yourself on the back now start thinking what else you can sell? Seriously, there's nothing that's complementary to the product, you've sold your people.

Now you got this list of people that have bought stuff from you, and they can't buy anything more from you. Wow, that's like depressing as hell isn't it? Like so start thinking of what else you could sell to those people that have already bought from you. Notice we aren't getting into tactics yet. We're not getting into what kind of discount off are you offering? Is it a buy one get one flash sale, blah, blah, blah, like I can think of a million different tactics to use. That's not the point for now. That's another subject for a whole nother day. We don't need to add this just yet. Because we're going to overcomplicate things, like we always do, because we want all the details, stick with structure and stick with systems for the time being. So I want you to map this out, I want you to get a fresh Google Sheet, a very simple Google Sheet and in one column, just put a date. And then number it from one January all the way to 31 December. And then make another column with the days of the week. Run that all the way down. So you shouldn't have a 366. So sell Google Sheet. And then in the next column over, put the holidays that's occurring around that time. This is important.

And think of all the holidays. Think of Labor Day was just coming up here. Think of Christmas. Think of Kwanzaa think of Juneteenth think of Martin Luther King, think of Easter. If it's a holiday in your nationality, put it on there. If it's a holiday that's kind of universal and worldwide, put it on there. You never know what is going to be going on in the world until you put it on there. Right you need to know when holidays are because holidays are not only a great opportunity for promotions, but some promotions you may want to avoid around certain holidays. So have an awareness a cultural awareness of what's going on in the world. Now, we're going to make four more columns, you're gonna come up with a content marketing column, a nurturing campaign column, a promotions column, and your resell upsell column. And start thinking about what that looks like. So if you're in content marketing, for example, is saying in that column, I have a weekly podcast. For the most part, I will outline the episode on a Monday, recorded on a Tuesday. I'll plug it in for release and it might go that week it might I might be recording in advance. But either way, I'm looking at basically an episode a week. So I'm not going to try to like get into super details right now. I'm just kind of kind of block out week by week. Episode 157 Episode 158 episode 115. Nine, see that I'm building structure, I'm building my plan deliberately.

Okay, you got that. If you're doing blogs, and it's released once a month, mark it on there. Thank you of all. And if if you have multiple different channels that you're doing different things for you're already there, then make different channels, make different columns for your channels, YouTube in one podcast and another blog in another make an accountability for yourself and a game plan. So you can see things in a linear fashion. For your nurturing campaigns, I like to think of the things in time and space. So I know that I want to do this kind of nurture campaign, I'm going to create it, when am I going to create it, make a plan for that. I know that I have this promotion plan. So I'm going to need a nurture campaign to that plan for that. And just kind of block out a large swath of time, usually one to two weeks for the creation and implementation of that nurturing sequence. If you plan on doing anything else, like a newsletter every Friday, put it on their newsletter, newsletter newsletter newsletter. So make note of not only the big things and the repetitive things like the newsletters, but also if you are planning on doing other stuff, here's your chance to document it.

Now we get to our promotions, here's where those holidays come in play because you can start planning around those holidays. So you can plan your for the July sale, your Black Friday sale isn't that good holiday for most of us, right? Plan the holidays first, then look at the calendar. And what I'd urge you to do is find ways to fix promotions throughout the quarter in between those holidays, I tend to encourage at least one promotion of some kind a month. That keeps your skills sharp. It keeps your list warm, keeps them engaged, prevents them from going cold, and allows you to offer different things. And again, we don't have to think about what tactic we're using it what product we're doing yet. We're just dropping it on the calendar, the rest of it can come later, focus on creating this plan, right this system right now. And finally, we're gonna do the same thing for our resell and upsell. So when do we plan? How are we going to do resell and upsell? How's that gonna look? If someone already bought our main products? Where are we going to upsell them, there's something new. When you start putting these ideas down into a plan down into something like linear, things start to take shape.

When things start to take shape, we're working from a plan, we're no longer guessing what to do in week two of March, we know because we already jotted it down. We might not know the details yet. But we know that we put a plan in place. And you need to have the integrity now to follow this. It's definitely not fixed. So if we need to move stuff around, you know, you know why you got to move it. Give yourself the freedom to do that. But by starting with this kind of a system, starting with this kind of structure, it's not going to be your end all be all. But there's going to be something that happens in your brain, when you do this kind of a switch when you start to look at things this way. And when you start to then communicate this to your team. In this same respect. When you're working from this kind of structure and this kind of stability. There's a lot of magic that can happen a lot of good things that can come your way, relieving you of that stress and that fear. And instead the confidence that is going to be present, because you're working from stability. There's enough chaos in what we do on a regular basis, we need to find ways to introduce stability whenever possible to counteract Clinica chaos. That's what I'm all about. That's what the systems are all about. It's about creating order in our world, so we can do better. So we can be constantly improving, constantly evolving.

And always going to make that bigger difference in the world. I hope this helped. If you've never done something like this, it might seem a little woowoo I get it for some I did. I was like what are we doing? And then I saw the results. I saw how starting from something very simple like this made my project management so much easier. It made communicating things to the team so much easier, where I could get their input, get their insights, and be able to be a more effective leader on my team, because I now had a framework where I I was leading them from weather rather than feel like I was constantly pulling them behind me. Because the reality is without this kind of plan, that's exactly what you're doing. You're reacting, you're pulling your team behind you like a, you know, stubborn farmer poses his horse, right? We don't want to do that we want to ride together. And part of the way we do that is by showing them in the map, showing them the plan, put it into something that is tangible, and not so riddled with details. And we don't know what to make of it. But just showing things in time and space.

Thank you so much for joining me on this episode. This has been a lot of fun to consider. And I've been doing this now with clients. So not only my own work, but I've been showing clients this. And when I told you like this is how you lead. I'm not kidding. Some of the most productive strategic planning sessions of my career have happened in the last couple of weeks, since I codified this method and brought it to my team. And they were able to see how this works. And then I brought it to clients and they were able to see how this works. And just some fascinating, amazing conversations ensued from those sessions. And I'm telling you, we're getting race to unleash some really cool marketing. I do the hope that hope that helps. If you'd like to hear more, like I said, at the beginning of the show, I'm all about creating more impact, touching more lives, and really just helping more of you. So please join me it's Adam liette.com/beta. Very simple form right now. I'll be in touch in the next couple of weeks as I'm putting something together that I think is going to surprise you. And it's going to allow me to work with a lot more of you. Until next time, smooth operators have a good one, get with it. And don't forget that operators, you know what you do? You know you do? Go lead the way.

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