101. Becoming Your Superhero with Armin Shafee

Friday, September 22, 2023

Smooth Operator/Podcast/101. Becoming Your Superhero with Armin Shafee

101. Becoming Your Superhero with Armin Shafee


People don’t grow businesses, business grows people.

Throughout your journey you will face adversity, struggles, and pain. Doubt about how well you can actually make it through the day and move to the next level.

Yet everyone now and then you meet someone that inspires you to take things to the next stage. To elevate yourself and become the next version of yourself.

Today I’m thrilled to welcome Armin Shafee from High Ticket Coaching to the show. He’s an inspiring entrepreneur and leader that will be sure to inspire your own progression in this world.

We discuss:

1. How to create a powerful culture that permeates not only your business, but inspires your followers

2. Why leading isn’t about fear and intimidation, but by giving your followers a higher purpose

3. The story about how completely removing of himself from his business helped him see his higher calling

4. Why men need masculine and feminine energy to be our highest self

5. How to pursue peace in your life to give you leadership skills you never knew possible

This was a packed interview that you’re sure to get a lot from! Thanks to Armin for taking the time to share with us today.

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Discover how to work with me: https://www.adamliette.com/work-with-me

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Adam Liette
What's up smooth operators, welcome to Friday's episode, you made it and have another great week. I hope it's been good for you on this side, man. Every day is an adventure every day is part of the journey. And I am thankful for every last little bit of it because dude, it's the battle scars that build us. It's it's the all the trials like everything that we have to go through to become the entrepreneurs become the business leaders that our teams need, and our people need more than anything. Like you're going to face adversity, you're going to face difficulty, you're going to have to elevate yourself to another level. And that's why I can't wait for this episode. I've been looking forward to this interview for some time.

So I have this amazing entrepreneur to discuss all sorts of amazing questions with you with you guys. And I've got a whole list of them. But we'll try to get through as many as possible. Let me introduce our guest of honor, though we have Armand Shafi. He's the founder of high ticket coaching.com. And honestly, he started with nothing as a coach himself. He's been bankrupted himself a couple times. He's been through all the trials and tribulations you can imagine. But now he has one of the fastest growing country, coaching companies in the industry, and became a millionaire in just 12 months. Once he, you know, hit that inflection point of his own, he started growing his company. And now he's on a personal mission to help 1000 coaches help 1000 clients, each through his current comprehensive programs. Dude, Arman. So good to have you. How you doing today. privileged to be here.

Armin Shafee
Thank you, Adam, for having me as well. I'm doing good man. Life is delicious. As President, Romans Oh, we have so it's really good to live in it.

Adam Liette
Absolutely. And for all you listeners out there, we were like in the same line at Funnel Hacking live like several months ago, getting our two comma clubs. So that's where I first encountered our man and got to see this company that he's built. And that's really leads me into my first question. Because you guys have like a real distinct culture in your company. It's, it's displayed in everything you do. And at Funnel Hacking live a room full of big,

Unknown Speaker
big personalities. You guys stood out, because of the way you carried yourself the presentation you made, like, what have you done to create this culture? within your company? What was the inspiration for that?

Armin Shafee
No, Adam, it's so interesting. I remember I started about six years ago, seven years ago. And there was one idea obsessed in my mind is one day, I'll be on a stage. And they'll ask me, how did you do it?

Specifically, asking how did you build a company with that culture? And you're the first person since then? It's asked me this very specific question. And I'm sitting here nostalgically thinking wow, it happened. And I didn't know what's gonna happen this veteran days can be from all the Marvel stuff, and you know, the culture and the personality. I really didn't think it happened this way. But it's so interesting how life works. I'm sitting here like, wow, you just asked the question that I visualized for so many times, and I forgot about that is that one day, I want to be a great leader, I don't want I don't really care about how much money we make, like I mean, it's, it's just a number. But like with the company by the team behind it, the psychology of the people, the culture, how we communicate with each other, what we stand for, that I feel like would be so worthwhile building something great. So thank you for asking me the question. And I have to admit, I have to confess, I did not really think about how I would answer this, I just would only imagine the question.

So I'm sitting here the real answer is starts off in a way for first I have met myself. You know, you can build a culture in a company that's stands out or unique. If you don't see that strand of you, that's usually your DNA. So for a long time, actually, it's funny only a year ago that we really started building this kind of culture, even though we had been in this for six plus five plus years. It was only a year ago and what happened was I got so obsessed with the building of something great. And my team kept hitting me up like hey, you got to do something, you know, like you have all this money you could spend it and I'm like I don't I'm so mad just like one expensive home I live in and I have a sports car buy like while back and I'm like that's pretty much it. But they're like no, you got to do

Something like alright, what would I do if I could buy anything and I just thought about like, I really like Marvel, I love superheroes. They're inspiring the movie. So I'm like, let me just buy some of the toys and I just went on a rampage, I bought everything the shield acts the hammer, and eventually just sitting in my condo, and every time I went live on on zooms in in coach calls, teammates, they will just see my stuff in the background. And just started naturally organically emerging into like, I became like the Marvel do my hair started growing Gasset curled down like Superman, and I'm like, that's a DC thing. But still superhero. And I started going this thing and they're like, no, like, Moses keep really confusing, but But overall, like it just kind of organically grew because of my own, like, my own kind of like, things I love, like stupid things I love and that integrated with like the brand you saw, which is you know, we all showed up with like, our Marvel, you know, the collectibles in our hands and we got on stage I'm gonna, you know, be really awesome. Because the idea of a superhero in the movies, why I'm inspiring I love them so much is that's human, that's humanity. Creating a symbol of possibility, like superhero movies is really just another way humanity's trying to exercise what's already innate in them. They're exercising that everything's possible that there's something super supernatural powerful inside of us. So when you see like, there's a story I have to tell Adam about DC versus Marvel, there's a really beautiful story about the history of how Marvel just overtook them. DC was making stories around the supernatural, like beings that came to earth like Superman came from Krypton. And, and Aquaman came from like the water and low. And so it was all the supernatural beings, only Batman was the one who's just an ordinary dude, who just decided to help. And by the way, he's the most loved superhero of all of them. Because he's not seen as his superhero he's seen as a regular guy he's trying to help. But see, Marvel does something different. Marvel started coming out with not ordinary people becoming extraordinary Spider Man gets bitten by a spider. Right? Ironman builds the technology, but he's a normal guy. And then they wanted to like to Thor from other places, but they started with like, ordinary people, that became extraordinary. And that's why those stories went viral way more than DC and it just blew DC out of the water. So for a long time, I used to watch Marvel and I would go, I see myself because you see yourself and the superhero, like Peter Parker is just a normal kid, but he wants to help. And so you fall in love with that character, because you feel like that could be me. But DC was very unrelatable. Whereas Marvel is relatable. So in a weird way, I think like entrepreneurs, the people that go after the dreams, and it's not that working for jobs is bad or anything like that. But there is a specific element that happens inside of a person when they decide to go out on their own, build their own thing. I feel like that's like the real life superhero. That's the Peter Parker, you know, getting bit by spider like you got bit by the entrepreneurial book. And so, when we showed up on may be cool to have these symbols because they represent extraordinary and ordinary. And so that's really all it was, it was just like an inspiring way I saw myself and then I saw my team. And then we're like, we should see people like this because everyone's doing this, but they don't see themselves as superheroes. So the real superheroes in life are entrepreneurs, the real ones that people who are leaders like that go out and pave the way if there isn't one. And so that can happen Read the last in the last year, but from the get go, how the culture like the kind of mindset our team has. It was built with me. It was built on me working on myself through all my hardships. And I remember distinctly when I first started, I used to run live seminars before the online game. And my team wasn't like this at all. I mean, it was like, it was kind of weird. It was like, you know, as my mentor would say, you have a bunch of losers running around. I'm like, don't say that. Like I love them. And he's like, you don't get it like these guys are not going anywhere in life and you're just wasting your time. And, and I don't want to set the time because I love them. But I'm like, yeah, like a lot of them don't have really purpose or confidence or any of this stuff and they're just gonna leeching off of me. And what changed was I went through some serious hard times. I went through like a serious depression I found myself Napoleon Hill talks about this in Outwitting the Devil does a story where he literally loses everything. And for a whole year he goes off, and he lives with his brother out in the wilderness and like in the mountains, and he was just living in fear for a year and suddenly he just came to a place where he's like, he's walking around with a gun because he thought someone's gonna kill him. And he's like, in that trial, and tribulation he met what he calls his other self. What I've realized that to become today is your consciousness. Right? It's like, we're all human beings. We're not. We're not humans. We're spiritual beings and human experience as human beings and spiritual experience. And so, where he met with his consciousness, which I met through those hard times, it was hard times I was faced I met my real self, not even my other self, like my real self, because the illusion is who you and I are like Armand was a name given to me. This body is just a pound of flesh. But there is a intelligence behind our body that's making this all work like a soul tethering into the body. And so those hardships made me go on these journeys. And a point says like, Andrew Carnegie told the point in the book, emergencies are often the most spiritual experiences because it's the only time a man is faced with one question What am I doing?

An eye opening conscious opening question which you go you sit, there you go, what am I really doing? You really think for a moment you separate from all the illusions that habits have led day in the life and you start to actually question when you question like a philosopher does like why is this happening? Why am I here? Why am I this person? Why am I doing this, you start to see this gap, this separation between the things that material things that we look at as life and life itself, because life situation life is different.

life situation is the mental construct and making your mind like, I'm a husband, I'm a father, I'm a, I'm a guy, I like this, I'm in the military, or like, I'm an entrepreneur, these are life situational things. This is what stresses people out because asked, because life or happening has to meet the standards of what life situation should be for them. But if you remove situation, it's just life. And life itself is just this present moment right now, on this call, we're together. Like that's all there is. And everything is always perfect and good enough. In the right now mom, even when you're feeling pain, there's a meditation to feel the sensation, your body, like I'm feeling pain. So situation is what we're all dealing with calling you live, but it's our life. So in those moments, I kind of separate the gap between my situation in my life and I start to meet God. And he would say this super intelligence is supernatural consciousness is this thing in me, that's also in all things. And I go, wow, life is so much more than the award than the money than the meaning my goals are me being this guy or proving this thing, it's so much more. Life is beyond so much more. I've been living in a box. And every time I went to those hardships, where I would get caught up in the illusions of all this shit, I would come out more severely conscious. Every time that happened, I would see my team evolve with me. And so in a way it was me being worked on by life, and becoming closer and closer to consciousness and awareness. And waking up to these things that made the way I operated as a human being around them, made it just a default for them. And it's not something I would teach them, I wouldn't be like this is mindset, I would just show up in the way handled things the way I thought the way I deal with stuff. Even if I like would yell at someone like we're entrepreneurs, I used to lose temper all the time. Sometimes I'm like, I'm in a sales team meeting. I'm like, military, like I'm a militant person in my sales teammates, because I'm like, I run a tight ship guys, my this will you sign up for the sales. This is just an old Zen this year, there's no feminine energy here. It's all masculine, like you got to go out and cheap stuff. So and then afterwards, I'll come back with like a good you know, I'm there for you know, I'm doing this for you. And so like, I would do that, and they will see me do that, like the awareness I had between taking responsibility for things and watching my ego and maintaining even though the ego is not supposed to be removed, it's supposed to be serving you. It is not your master. It's it's a shitty master, but a terrible servant. So I learned in those hardships, how to make it my servant, stop being a bitch to my own ego. And they would watch that and they go, Wow, that's so interesting, they would evolve. So the culture got developed from a lot of just environment like proximity with me going through really tough times and watching you go through it. And then they eventually started to develop that kind of awareness. And then they started doing that with themselves. And I would like learn from them. And also from just the me leaning into just the fun, stupid, quirky things about me, and bringing in a meaningful

meaning, like being a deeper meaning to it. So it's not just marvel, it's a symbol of possibility, like those two things combined, created the kind of unique culture you see today. Were genuine, like, people I hire people on the first thing they say the first week in my company is like, I've never been in a company like this first week. I don't I've never seen people talk to each other like this, work this way, be this happy all the time be this inspired. Like, it's like, it's kind of weird to me. It's like not corporate. And I'm like, yeah, that's, that's what I want. I want to build something great, without losing the element of the spirit and the essence of humanity in it. Because most people lose humanity, in spirit, on the pursuit to some great success. It's an illusion of the ego. And I just never wanted to be that I always I always thought it was a kid. I don't know what it meant. But now I'm living it. I wanted to be a spiritual CEO. Emphasis on spiritual, you know?

Adam Liette
Wow, that was actually one of my questions was you refer to yourself as a spiritual CEO. And that struck that just struck out to me when I read that, and I've heard it several of your messages now. And I think you've alluded to a lot of what it means it means a higher level of conscience, that it's like taking that step back to do a lot of self evaluation. So for our listeners, I think, I think you'd agree like, whatever you're putting into the world is going to be reflected back to you from your team. So if you're like, my team's really not doing what I want them to do yet, rather, you might want to look in the mirror first. Like and if you want them to raise their level, like you gotta raise your own level first and know they'll follow. Right?

Armin Shafee
Yeah, like to say, Adam, you don't build business business build to you. Yeah. It's it's people got this backwards man. See a real entrepreneur. They listen to the market. They give people what they're wanting. A bad entrepreneur goes out there and goes, I want to sell this thing. No one cares. Good entrepreneur goes, what do people need? See great leaders the same way they're gonna go, I want to make you will follow me. Great leaders go for it what needs to be done? What do they need from me? A great business is now I want to do look this way. Great Business says, here's who you need to become. So in that way, isn't it spiritual? A lot of people talk a lot about oh, no feelings, no specimen of this. Where else is it?

I challenge those people. Whereas if you remove feelings from this type, if I take the part of your brain that triggers off emotional sensations in your body, you can't feel anything anymore. You'll be a robot, you'll never have any bad habits, you'll only do what needs to be done, you'll be very like a machine. Tell me is have you achieved success in life because you'll make a billion dollars most likely, because all you'll do like a machine is you won't sleep, you won't feel you won't do anything. Now is that life, or Isn't life, the ability to feel sensations of things isn't like the the feeling of the fear that comes with like wanting to do something where you're nervous, or the love of something, or the excitement isn't that the meaning of your life isn't why we're doing all these things to feel more because feeling is healing and it also is living. And so all these people, like suppress the emotion, don't feel nice and be one of those guys do I used to teach everyone? Like don't it doesn't matter what your passion is, doesn't matter. The feeling is this, this this hour will be the guide like you got to act in spite of what you feel now like you have to act with your feeling. I've become a complete opposite person because God and consciousness has taught me that I was wrong. It's the essence nature, the ego and the logic to to convince yourself that is a construct of structured in nature, go and try to put a border around the forest.

Forest is a very imperfect thing. That's why it's perfect. There is no one thing that's like the other thing, everything is absolutely invariable, and non pattern is take everything. The only thing that's consistent is the inconsistency. That is the nature of God life and all things. So life itself is inconsistent. Everyone is trying to be consistent. It's only the egos nature to want to make consistency box everything structure make walls. Nothing wrong with this is a very masculine energy to want to build a business itself is very masculine, ego driven thing. That's a beautiful thing. But you must not buy into the illusion that data is life. Oh, yeah. It's like this a car's obviously constrained. There's four doors, there's a hood, there's a you're in a box house is the same. It's okay to go on this thing and use it in your life. Well, when you start to think you are the car of the house, now you have a problem.

When you started to think everything is the logic of what you say everything is the routine that you live by everything is the discipline. Now we have a problem. You are trying to drink the oceans through straw. Yeah, and you can't. So that's where stress comes from. It's not about being whimsical or careless. People think when they hear me speak they go but our meter so like, but I am probably more productive than most human beings you've ever met. And I say this humbly. Like I now do five times more than what I've ever done. And that was more than the arm in that used to be like that, where everything was I timed everything. There was like order. Now I'm just like, I got like, a full time business summary with a co founder of 20 employees, 350 clients, we actually 26 elite clients one on one bi weekly 26 business owners as a one to one not not like group and one on one calls. And I don't feel any of it. I have a sales concern for free a speaking score some of the another kind of free, I'm harlech and it just all this thing is happening beyond control because I am not in control anymore. And this is kind of my message to you, is when I used to thrive off control, which is just an illusion, you control nothing in life. Your ego just makes you believe Oh no, this is us. It's not you. Just because you find some resemblance of yours here doesn't mean it was yours.

And you let go and control you surrender that nonsense and you just focus on being in devotional service and do what's great at all times with no outcome attachment to what you want from it, you just do do what needs to be done. You live at such a high level of consciousness things 10 times more than your capacity will come in and somehow because you're not the mediator or the the controlling factor of all the things and God isn't life is in pretty much people like the energy of it all is you can do 100 times more and feel like you're still doing not enough and that's where I'm at now. So it's not a cop out to not be in disciplining it's no it's it's a it's an opt in to peaceful living. And peace brings presence and presence is power.

Peace brings presence and presence is power. I am at the most optimal power have ever been in my life because I don't want the power anymore. I'm not trying to control things anymore. And I don't think things should be my way. I'm just at service.

Adam Liette
So recently like you you actually stepped away from the business for a little bit in it you just like let was it like 60 days I think I remember where he just stepped away from the business. About a full month but like almost.

Yeah. So how, in retrospect, I've read like so good. thing for you. But how did you feel in that moment like having to let go of that control, because I think that was probably an inflection point, it was a turning point for you, I imagine, right?

Armin Shafee
Terrible. It felt like something was being ripped out of me and stitched back up, you know, just when you live so long, closely identifying yourself to the idea of who you are, and your image, and your beliefs, and your results, and your awards and all this, like when you become so attached, it feels like you're killing an entire person, you essentially go through grief when you let go of, it's a grieving process, when you let go of your own ego. And say, I didn't kill my ego, you cannot do such a thing. I also did not hurt my ego or like be upset with this, I'm the devil, you know, it's just that there is a mechanisms built into my mind, called the ability to have an ego any desire you have in life requires some type of ego to go. Because to get it, you need to believe something about yourself and believe something about the thing and work towards it. That's all ego, if I completely remove ego, you've meet like a yogi in the mountains, they want nothing, they are nothing, they need nothing. And that way, they're everything. So there's no ego ever needed. But doesn't mean it's not there. That means their egos, like a little tiny raising shriveled up in the side of their mind, it's just sitting there like never needed for anything. If you don't use something, you lose it, it's just that's all it is. But at any moment, they wants me again, when the ego comes back in because they gotta believe they will can get it to get to get it, they gotta find a structure on how to go about it, they are wanting, all those things are egotistical parts of life, they're components of ego. And ego is a beautiful thing. There's a way to have a healthy one, as long as like the little icon like a little dog on a leash. Let's say you got to look at it. Like it's my little dog on a leash. It's like you know, sometimes barks and moves around. But maybe it's a huge dog on a leash maybe that way you look at it, because then it can pull you sometimes you got to teach you to sit. And so when you that closely identified to your own ego, which is my beliefs, I thought about life, everything I thought I was right about everything. I thought about meals, right and how I treated people were just very militant, like I was never, I was mean to people for sure. Like when I grew up with a brother, I made fun of people all the time. It was hilarious to me. So if you combine that with a military leadership, you're gonna find really like a bullying type of leadership now and I admit that was like that, and many times, but I caught myself and be like, I don't really need that, like, stop. I was just making a joke and or I would just like, say the most rudest things, because I'm like, That's the truth, though. So I justified a lot of shit. I used to be like, because I'm like, Yeah, but I'm right. And that's what ego does. You do stupid shit or bad shit to people or to yourself or to things. And you go but it because I'm right. It's okay. So in that way, it's like having the right intention has caused a lot of suffering in the world. Yeah, I'm sure Hitler thought he was right for what he was doing. I think millions of people would disagree. And so when you look at ego, that's just the ego out of control.

It's just the ego that has taken the wheel. If you look at it like this, like I'm in a house, it's my consciousness. And there's a house next to me the neighbor tests the egos consciousness. It's as if we leave our house we go into the egos house and now see the house can kick you around, give you shit make fun of you, because you're in his house. If you're in your own egos house, the problem is you're the guests there. So he's the master, you're the you're the servant in that way, is very uncomfortable, you have to bend to the will of whatever they want to call his walk out of the house and go, Hey, by the way, this house belongs to me or just living here, get dressed back in my house and sit there and wanted to clean the rug while you're at it. And I'll give you some food when you're ready. And so you got to treat it the way it's supposed to be as a ego cannot be given too much importance. It must be given enough acknowledgement and love that you need it for things like Hey, thank you. So I gave a prayer, I say, I can go my dear ego. I love you. Thank you for helping me in the attainment of desires in my life, for helping me achieve anything I set my mind to. But it will do you well to remember, I am your master and you are my servant.

And there's two other players can I say them, there's a Sega three kind of mantra that came to me one time I was sitting meditation, this came to me. And it keeps me in check. Keeps Armand in check. The second one is my beautiful mind. I love you. Thank you for giving me the power to turn any idea into reality with my imagination through thought. And in terminal to manifest anything he will do you will to remember, I am your commander. And you listen to me. Because what I realized was see the mind is always running its mouth. Thoughts are coming in and out 100 times an hour. And sometimes you sit there and meditation is stillness and you go ah, this is just the mind running the water. You keep doing that. But whenever I command you to stop, you stop and that's a presence is now I live this way where I go right now I don't need to be thinking so you can stop. And I build this kind of relationship with my own mind and it goes okay. And I just sit there and I enjoy all the senses of the now. Some people like I don't want you to feel overwhelmed. Someone goes I wish I could do that can't do that. You can it just takes practice. And the third one is as my favorite one.

My beloved have an arm and I love you. Thank you for giving me thank you for letting me play you in this life, giving me an identity, relationships, an image, a name, and the gift of human experience. It will do you well to remember, you are not real, and I am the source of your existence.

See, when they speak this way, I am speaking from my own consciousness, my actual soul what I am, into who I am, because I'm living from the place of what I am not from the who I am. Because the who I am, could be made and broken and changed. You can change the name, you can change your face, you can change your gender at this point, you can change anything, though who you work and change all day long. Because that is not what you are, what you are cannot be changed. We are all souls. We're all a spiritual, spiritual essence behind all of us. So for me, it's like it's not that the egos bad is that the wrong person steering the wheel.

You just put it back in the passenger seat. And that's what stillness is man, meditation, stillness. Like, that's what being a spiritual CEO is this conscious business? It's a high alert level of awareness of all things you do and why you do it, and how you treat each other. And that's what that is, and the world operated the way my company runs. Like, would that culture world peace would be already happening? People wouldn't be murdering. Nothing will be happening like this. Everyone just go, Hey, we're all one people.

So how do we all win? And is there winning and losing? If there's no gain? No, there's no gain. We're just here right now. And some of us are different. Some of us like this. And I was like that, and even some bad things. Sometimes we do to each other. We go I can forgive you, I see why you did that. Person harms another person or abuses them. You go I understand you were abused. Because I hurt you. It's like hurting myself. This is the kind of world that we we living in not that bad days. But that there is meaning to bad things that gives meaning to good things. If I put you in daylight all day, how could you ever know what light is? It's only until the darkness comes that you have a meaning to light.

And this way people are trying to eliminate half of one side of existence, which is the bad or dark will be called that. It's like a fabulous complex, you're just thinking if I cut half the population in the entire universe, everyone will survive better. This is just a stupid egoic idea. Its uniqueness you must accept

the complete package of what life is is a darkness. This is lights good, this is bad. This up there's down. The duality is what makes it perfect. But when you realize that both is necessary, just like electron and proton with that with that. And now when you realize it's all necessary, you're actually operating from a high level of consciousness in life, because you realize all the Nature and Science of Things existing is this way. So when we start to pretend like oh, I don't want bad things happening. We're just being unnatural. To be natural is to be aligned with natural law, and the harmonies of things. So when I can sit by and go away, if both are necessary, then what's the point of avoiding one wanting one, pain, pleasure? None of this matters. All of it's just nonsense. So we just say about God, life is so interesting. It's so fun. Whatever happened, it's life. And that's so cool. And I can enjoy it or something bad happens. something good happens. Something painful happens. Something beautiful happens. Oh, it's all good. It's all life. Because when you die, you close your eyes, all your senses go away, everything melts away. You don't remember anything you don't know anything. You don't believe anything. You can be anyone you don't have a name. So when you mail to when you die, tell me then Well, the matter all these things right now? Or are you not grateful that if you can just open your eyes one last time and experience the presence and the anchoring of now in this life in this physical form, you could imagine things, it feel things eat something, if you feel sick, you could feel the sensation of sick, it's better than feeling nothing. And so suddenly, all of life becomes beautiful. This is why I always say life is delicious. Because it really is like I started to look at as like I'm biting into a juicy watermelon on a hot summer's day. And that's what every moment of Love should feel like.

Adam Liette
Is this deep, I knew it was gonna be deep. And so looking forward to it because this this thing we call running a business. It's not about checklists. It's so much deeper than that. And I know, me coming from a military background trying to lead a team of like heart centered entrepreneur types. Yeah, my military methods didn't work anymore. You know, I had to adapt to a higher level. And there's an interesting thing that you posted. It was back in December already. And I'm not one of those guys, but it did screenshot all these things. Because I've seen it is you had just come out of some stillness. And I've been a big fan of the silence for a couple years now. It's really changed my life. But there's a moment where you put like now

Now it's your duty to increase your team's capacity to believe they can do more. Something that you wrote. And so, and that is building your business building your people. Yes. I'd love to explore that with you like, how do you build your people? How do you get them do believe they're much more than that? Yeah, they're whatever they're achieving right now. Great, awesome. High five. But what's next? Like? How do you consciously get them to reach farther than they believe that they're even capable of giving them purpose?

Armin Shafee
Give them purpose. You know, there's a saying the most dangerous thing in the world is a purpose this man because a man with no purpose on how to use his mind, I get to women, but a man with no purpose. Who cares not using his mind for anything turns into a rapist, a killer, an abusive father, man with no purpose does not know how to channel and transmit all the energy he has inside of him into something worth building something that's good. So the default is to put into anything that's idle around the distraction and it's bad.

And for women, this is gonna be very challenging for most people. I'm not saying this is my opinion. I'm only saying I like to look at history, things that have always worked. I'm always open to being wrong about this, but just that this touch your mind, for women, the purpose is love.

In that way, that is why they're biologically designed to be able to find a man partner, to fuel their love into to build them up in their endeavors to go out there. This is why hunter gatherer is you know, I could do the whole shebang teaching the hunter gatherer biology and why the woman could bear a child the man cans man is only a penetrator, if you look at the essence of biology, man penetrates, woman is a receiver.

Our genitals are built that way for reason. Man's energy is very masculine, to go build structure achieve go towards things danger, woman is to care and nurture, cultivate, creatively, emotion, all this stuff. Men need to be in tune with their feminine energy more, and women need to double down on their feminine energy.

Interesting, isn't it? I see this a lot. All of the women are saying, Oh, we don't want to be women anymore. We want to be more like men, or at least be treated like men, this is really all they're saying. I want to get paid more, I want to do this, I want to I want to be respected and all this stuff. You know, it's very interesting, nothing against it. Everyone could live the way they want to live. I'm not even saying this way I'm saying is the right way of living. I just want to pique your interest. If you're a true life, a student of life, then every form of opinion should be open to you. Oh, interesting. If you're so convinced, see if anyone hears this in the go, I'm offended at it. See, now you're living in the illusion of the ego. You're not actually living life anymore. You're just stuck in the I am something so don't say anything about it. Well, then good luck. I love you so much. But you're living unconscious. You want to live consciously, then you choose. You could be this person or that person and still go, but I'm open to all things I see what's right, okay. Well, then this, the world doesn't need more masculine energy.

Right. And we don't need more feminine men. We need men who have feminine energy. And it's very important difference. We're not talking about men who are less manly, meaning the less willing to take risk, protect or go out there and build or have bigger dreams, or be able to act with their fear, which is courage, which is called in spite of fear, right?

We need to men that have the ability to listen, have the ability to compassionately feel something, have the ability to be able to understand a person have the ability to pause and not only react, they need to have the ability to have creative thinking, not a person who just goes I need this in this house done but they go interesting God, wife, people, you tell me what do you think I mean, I want to think I want to really be creative about this. We need more men that are know how to be stern when they need to, in order to turn it off, and be loving. So we need love the world needs love. Which is more in the components of what feminine energy is doesn't mean masculinity is in love. It is just a form of love that is very structured meaning and I always look at this, I started studying religions, and I'm not a religious person I'm on I'm not any type of person. So have you tried to call me some things? My answer is always sure. I'm all of it, I guess. So I study I started reading the Bhagavad Gita from Hindus, the Bible from Christians and the Quran from Muslims. I realized that same thing I want to pray to the church, I want to pray to the mosque. It was very interesting to me. I wanted to kind of meet God in many ways. I realized something I see the Christians the master relationship with the divine relationship with God. So much so that even Jesus when he looked at him, he says to the Creator, father, he's making it a Schumann like relationship with the All Knowing divine and so they have masks.

serve, they have really became fully 100% about the love in the relationship and the understanding communication between you and God is that's what Jesus whole mission was you came in is that all you guys can get to go into these constructs these buildings to feel God you can feel God in your bedroom is sleeping, they're talking to him. So that's what he was teaching him on that there's only one God and his and his name is Adonai or father and that all of you could speak to him. It's a very beautiful message. He was the messenger of nonsense. You go into the Quran.

See, every Muslim, it is absolutely forbidden to call God anything less than absolute greatness and above all things. So it is any idea that you're his, you're his son, he's your father, all this is completely wrong. Very interesting. And they believe Jesus was real, but he wasn't a messenger. He was just a prophet. The real messenger was more Prophet Muhammad because Prophet Muhammad came with an entire curriculum on exactly what God wants for you to be in devotion to Him, which Jesus did it. Jesus came and just spoken someone transcribed it, everything is said most of the time. So you just look at the same situation. Interesting. So I don't understand why by the Muslims would have a I would say an ego around we got this right, because we got the actual book like manual, I probably will believe that to over Jesus was just talking to some people interpret what he said, right? It sounds pretty convincing. And so I look at that on my. So there's two elements here that both knew each other. The Muslim right Islam, they have a very structured discipline relationship with God.

Everything you go into the pray five times that I did, I did Ramadan this year, I've never done this. I'm not even close. I'm like, I really want to do this. Like I fasted my mouth is going dry. I'm like, wow, this is beautiful. I'm keep remembering while I'm going through this feeling. I'm doing it for God. So it's a really big act of I Love You, God. See, when I was sitting down with us praying the five, five times a day, I wasn't doing the I did it a few times. But see, in my heart, I sat down on my car already feeling in my body. So I would sit there and I'd meditate during the five prayers now for Muslim heard that if I go oh,

no problem. See, it's this. I'm not forcing you to meditate. So you don't force me to pray a certain way. This is I'm saying consciousness. So I was sitting there, I'd meditate. And then I would every morning wake up, I do my prayer. And I would actually listen to the Islam like the singers, beautiful, the Arab saying they do, and at night as well. And I've read the Quran. And here's what I learned. The Muslims, very masculine energy, serious conflict, discipline, I respected them so much. I'm like if Islam taught the Christian fog, if Islam taught the Christians how to have a respectful, disciplinary routine kind of relation with God, Christians would get more out of the relationship with God.

Okay, they will get way more out of it, because there would be a respectful like, kind of professional relation, which is kind of what they treat God like, like, we are in your mercy. As if God is a you know, I wouldn't say they make him sound like a raging tyrant. But I mean, they might as well because it makes him sound like someone who's your fear, like, like a, an entity with fear.

As a true is not true. I don't, I'm not God. So I'll say is that that's what it feels like, like I am beneath God. That is how they make it sound. But there's a beauty to that. There is a humbling of the ego to know you're never great, greater than God, that was so beautiful for me. I'm like, wow. But so you're going into Christian role. That doesn't happen much. You will have people walking around like they're Jesus. Right? They'll walk around like I'm going to nothing wrong with this. I'm just saying that the ego there is much more loose and open, which is not bad. It just means that's what they've learned how to know God, they briefly learn any form of the discipline that Islam has, they would actually have a very much more disciplined and beautiful I would say respectful relationship with God. Now he goes so who's right who's wrong? I don't know right or wrong. There's no such thing again, that's just the illusion but we look at all of it as one all of his God and we are all of it so we are in that sense of we're all of it and all of it is God then answers for you. The Christians have mastered a beautiful compassionate relation with God where they don't are not afraid. They only go to God or divinity or you would say the consciousness that sold the thing behind all things for guidance or mentorship it's a very beautiful loving relationship. See it's also love with the Muslim but the feeling is a lovely The feeling is respect. And the Muslim This is my experience. In the Christian side was more IMU my father I love you in the treasure the bed they love each other. Miracles are happening amongst each other. You know, in the Christian where you go, people are like walking out and all these things are real. Because the person's faith is so strong, they instantly change or by their biochemical reaction to biology inside and like someone couldn't see before those see, there is explanations behind these things. But in the Quran, it was like you're a servant or like a soldier in the military. So if the Islam taught the Christian world, respect and discipline and structure, they would have a much better religion. And if the Christians taught the Muslim world, how to not fear God but rather love him as if you are one with Him.

You would have a world That is the supernatural consciousness would be insane. Now here's the funny part, you got the murderers, the Hindus because this is the three largest religions there's a lot of other ones Buddhism is a religion but I've been studying them to Hinduism. Now it's kind of like really far Libyan past Jesus. More like we are God Krishna consciousness is you but they have a disciplinary act of like the Koran how they do it, which is like, you're not Krishna by Krishna consciousness that divine being God superhead spiritual being is a huge as you serve that thing. So it's very like Islam. But they also have the loving compassion of you must integrate the spirit, the mind the body of the so they're kind of like the in between.

I'm not saying one's more right than the other, but I'm really I'm interesting. They are both qualities, which if you go into India, if you go into the Hindu world, you'll find far superior conscious people walking around, the people like Sadhguru, that can heal a person heal themselves, they can do things beyond capability of a human being. But I don't see Christians doing that. I don't see Muslims doing that. I don't see Kabbalists from the Jewish religion doing that. But I do see the Hindus. And so there's something to learn from all of them. I'm saying, my point is this, the world doesn't need to all be in into structure. What they need from all of the structures happened for hundreds of years, is a sense of relationship, a deeper relationship with themselves, their spirit, and others and their Spirit and God. And so that's more loving. It's more than love. There's an underlying energy behind all creation, which is love. It's an awareness. But if you sit still in love, you'll feel the awareness has a ton of love to it, like you love it all you in so anybody say it's under love. But it's this feeling of I'm grateful for this, and I don't deserve it, but I have it. So thank you for this. And that's, that's the God in you. And so I'm saying this because we don't need more men that are less manly, I'm saying we need more men that are loving, which is feminine energy, and women need to double down in love. They don't need to be like men. And it's not that men are bad or masculinity is bad is that there is an overdose of it in the world. And so if you want balance, which real peace and spiritual in this world will come from is that the women must be trusted More to Love and allowed to love they have to stop trying to be something that they're not only because not because all but I can be. I can also be a serial killer, but I'm not going to kill people to prove I can right so if you're a woman, you're like me and you're like your essence is beauty and love and creation. Don't just be like, well, just because you said I can't be a man, I'm gonna go prove why that's just all ego. We're all just stuck in this illusion, where we need to prove to each other that you don't control me, which is just a bad child's cry from the ego. It's like if the if the ego was a baby, it'd be war cry egg. Give me attention that that's what's happening with people. Someone asked me earlier to like, what do you think about LGBTQ and all that? I'm like, yeah, one and for every one or four students in high school in America now is reported to be LGBTQ. I'm like, I'm like, I have no, really I have nothing to think about or say about it. Like, I'm, I don't agree or disagree. It's not my business. Really, the answer is that, but I will say this, if there's anything I have learned from being stuck for hours upon hours in silence. So when I open my eyes, they see truth, I feel truth and I go through the simple, they can do that. Because they want they can.

And the problem is they're probably only doing that because they can not because they want to not because they need to not because they want it or need it. It's just that they can't and when you get enough people in the world to a board and what I mean by mentally what I mean like they have no real purpose in life to do something and feel something about who they are.

You'd be surprised how creative the mic again of cutting you inside out that way this way just to kind of find yourself identify with something. And so my only worry is in my heart is that everyone the whole battle between the gay right or straight and all this stuff like the transgender like my only my heart goes in the money in one sense, like, I just really hope they're really at peace, aside from being accepted by the world that they can be this and be accepted. I don't think that's the piece they're going to get like even the whole world said no, we're okay. Everyone can be whatever they want. I don't think they'll sit there and go I can be a piece don't let me sit in bliss. I think they'll just find something new in this because the devil the idle mind is the devil's playground. So I'm not worried about can you do this? Can you not? It's none of our business human being could do whatever they want for themselves. But why we're doing this is where the spirit comes in. Is this person in the center? Like I feel inside my heart? I need to have 17 piercings. I don't know maybe I'm not in that person. But I am wondering, is this all just an act of cry of loneliness, sadness, some form of just emptiness inside there. Like if I am something more it's called peacocking. The world of where I came from sales markets. peacocking is like standing out. Seeing insecurities and ego have a sense of doing that when they feel undeserved. And so, no different than a dog or a child. That's like feeling like there's no attention they will do whatever it takes. If you've ever seen a little little devil running around like these kids that you had just parenting wasn't there. You can tell they did not have

Bad Kid. They just that's the only coping mechanism they have for feeling important to get. And I think it's like there's some bad that people can be these things. It's even better women want to be more masculine or more successful, respected. None of this is bad. It's just like, can we please all send in consciousness in question? Are we doing this because it's right for us. For our spirit, our soul like it brings peace to us brings love into the world, are we doing it? Because we need to feel important.

So if the men learned how to be loving more, and the women learn how to cherish and accept and honor that they are full of love, the whole world love would heal it. Over here, the war's over here, the battles over to the the egos over here, the murder, the rate that all of this love of you all of it. Love is all that we need. But the men have come around. Even as historic as the story of the Cain bloodline. After you know, Adam and Eve ate the apple, Cain murdered his brother. And you'd see in the movie, there's a good movie called

The Ark, I think, no, it's the story of Noah and the flood. And it's just you meet these Cain bloodline of humans and all of them just eat animals like to kill each other. They do all this unconscious stuff, and their entire belief system and justifying and if you see the movie, the guy looks at him and goes, we are men. We make our choices, not God. God hasn't been here for so long. So because we're men, we'll make sure men make your choices. If you want to eat, you eat what you want to do what you want. It's like that's not man.

That's ego. That's the that's the symbolic representation what Satan was in the story. Like, if you were metaphorical look at what the devil was, was that, and how and I'm with this devil, metaphorically. And story was the child of God Himself turned around, said, I own you. So you tell me, how foolish would it be if a baby came out of the mother's womb turned around when he was old enough and said, I made you give it to his kids a little, you know, like, something's off and they're just completely blind and ignorant and unconscious. This is no different than the devil came out. And he would say, Lucifer came out, it was an angel, whatever the story goes, Lucifer came out, whatever one day he goes, it looks at me and goes, you know, my hair is nicer than God. And maybe I could do this myself. And he just turned around, he looks at goddesses Well, I am as powerful as you, if not more. And he says no problem. Well, if that's how you think he didn't say, I'm gonna punish you. I don't think God did. I think God just said, very simply, if that's how you want to think, which is that you are separate from all divinity and perfection, which is that you are God, you are me already, you don't have to think you're better than me. But it's an unnatural idea to think you are above the very source of what created you, I'm gonna have to take you somewhere where you can live in that atmosphere, we call that hell. I have to put you somewhere where you can exist, because in this natural law, we're all of perfection is one you cannot think this way. So by nature, you are an unnatural thing, nothing against you. But if you want to believe that I need to cast your way into a place where you can create your own laws of unnatural things. And then you let things go interesting. So the devil was just someone who just completely became unconscious. Lucifer just thought, Oh, I'm better than the guy who made me. And when I look at that, like whether the story is true or not, I don't I don't debate things that are

up for debate. It's not anything debate about I'm talking about what's the point? I'll tell you about the fact that can we think about the metaphor for a moment? So if Lucifer is Satan, as the idea of the person who thinks God is better than God, what does that sound like? Is your human, very spiritual, powerful thing? And you have an ego that thinks it is better than others? So can it Satan or the ideal Lucifer devil? Metaphorically mean? The ego? Of course, just from don't play with me, it can mean ego. And then what is God? Your consciousness, your divinity, the thing that you are, what you are not who you are, in the sense, isn't that make sense? Not every time you see the battle between light and dark devil and you know, God, it's just sad to even bring the cartoons on you. Like, there's one to say, they're both you.

That's the secret.

There, what if they're just both you, you are the devil, you are God, what? Because there is a God in you. And then there is a component in you that was built from the law of duality. And the you know, the Apple was eating so we were conscious of like, good and bad. And so we go, there's difference. Because if we never ate that Apple, then all we would just think is everything's good. There was no such thing as bad, which is actually the underlying truth, all of it even what the bad is still good because it's all part of one whole big, perfect picture. Then he would say, Oh, the devil is me. If I it's the ego part of me, if untamed. So if I could teach the, my ego just like I would teach a child growing up to honor the creator that made it I am your master, you are my servant. Not that we have to have kids. I'm not saying that. But I'm saying in terms of like, I'm a mother, I'm your father like love, like you know, there's a respect there. And that's why in the Quran, it says that Bibles everyone says respect your parents, not because you like them or the person out of your group that believes that's just ego

I used to hate my mother I, I remember I was like, No, I don't, I shouldn't my mom. And I'm like, No, there's an unconsciousness in me thinking this way a conscious in this me, my spirit would tell me, this woman created me. Same as a God created me, I'm not mine, God creating, I didn't choose when I was born when I was dead. I don't choose when I get to leave, like you know how I was born. All of this was beyond my control. So in this sense, ego is just the illusion of control.

The illusion of I'm better than the thing that made me because I'm in control. And therefore you live in a place called hell when you're living in your ego. So if you look at the metaphor, Helen, heaven isn't really an afterlife. It's right now.

And depending on where you're living from, you're creating that hell or heaven for yourself, if you're living in the illusions of control, you're living from the ego, you're living in hell, what is how you gonna run? How's eternal fire?

I'm sure they made a little dramatic in the explanation. Let me tell you some, let me give you hell in heaven in the perfect definition. Hell is just simply this things that you don't want happen happening to you without your control. But they're not set. So we would also call rape, that murder that any form of really like traumatic ideas of a human to doing to human is just a form of hell, because we're doing something we don't want done to us being done to us without our control. And it's happening over time forever. This is the idea of Hell, if a burning and fire you don't want that happening to you and your happiness, you can't stop it. So that's what else hell is the idea that you're living in a place or that you're in an environment where things you don't want happen to you is happening and you can't control it. And it's terrible.

In that way, we kind of have a taste of hell every day, to some degree, if you're in traffic, you didn't want to be in traffic. If you're arguing with somebody, oh, my god, it's so you're living in a form of hell at all times. So then what's happened? That's the funny part. Most people think the artificer is heaven, right? You go. So then heaven is the place where all things are happening the way I wanted to all the time.

Doesn't make any sense is it? If that was the definition of it, we'd run into heaven, we see a bunch of naked girls running around because one guy thought this is what I need, this is good. I need this I need to order you know. And so like, it's not that so the definition of Heaven is not all the things you want happening to you is happening, we would call that happiness, which is inert. And we never noticed that the word happiness is about happening.

Happiness, just all the things you want happening to happening to you. So this will happen. This is even the word itself is giving you with a secret. But now let me tell you consciousness will the opposite of Hell is peace. Peace has nothing to do with happiness.

But in peace, when you really cultivate all of it, and you're with it to show any bliss, which is much greater than happiness, happiness is the things you want happen.

What you want to happen, or what you want, did you get this did not happen. So what is the idea of heaven or hell is all the bad things that you never want to happen to is happening. And happiness is the in between where like things you want to happen is happening, but still, you could lose it to go to hell. And heaven is this

Adam Liette
full acceptance of all things happening the way it is, and you're okay with it.

Armin Shafee
So that means the traffic happens on that, okay, suppose that happen. If I make a lot of money that was supposed to happen, if my wife leaves me cheats on me that was supposed to happen, this is having complete detachment from all the illusions. And then that way, you can be fully involved with it. Because you can watch the movie instead of having traumatic effects during the horror scene, because you think it's real as a psychotic disorder. You can watch them and go, Oh, this part's really scary, but I know it's not real so I can enjoy. So life must feel this way is that I'm going through like, this is a really bad time I let it go. But I know it's are real so I can enjoy the better my life. But if you think it's real, you start to have mental disorders, you get depression, ADHD, you still have to take drugs, you have to go into sex and rock all these things, because you're living into an illusion. So hell is just the illusion.

Not only ironically, is it an illusion, but it is the bane definition. What illusion is, it is you're creating a hell you have control of things you think. And so if you lose it, it's bad. If you have it, you can lose it. So there's no this is why the Buddha says and this is the fourth religion I'm bringing in now at this point, to cross reference the truth amongst all of them. This is why the Buddha said, All life is suffering.

But I want to not correct it. I just want to add one extra word I think would make a more accurate statement. I think I know what he meant. But it will say life is suffering. Life is beautiful the way it is it's delicious. Nothing's wrong with life. But all life situation is suffering. Because situation is a mental construct made in the ego. It's not in life itself. Presence is not suffering. But what the Buddha achieved was if I sit here and I don't need anything, I don't want anything I can just be free of it all. So I'm liberated and I feel peaceful and everything's okay. And then you will see in the movies like the story of the ego will come in and like tempt them with women and he would just sit there looking at them and then the ego coming scare him with an army and firm way to kill him and it would just vibrate because he would sit there because he was okay with all that happening. Whether he dies that moment. They they reprimand them or not they matter to him. It's like Oh, it's okay. Because the scenario and lastly the ego came in scared him. He's like, you know, you you need to listen to me and he goes my

to your ego, you're an illusion.

And then it just wavers away. And that's the mastery of life is the detachment and unlearning of illusion. And so how is just that, unfortunately, then everyone's living in hell most people are because most people are living in the life situation of I am in control of this and I've been in some way, you really want peacefulness. You need to realize none of Israel. That way you can do all of it without any of the side effects or the negative the fears, the pain or the hell like qualities of living, you can still go through all the bad times you can still be hurt, you can still do all this and you can enjoy it all you can enjoy being hurt, you can enjoy being upset you can enjoy be scared, you can enjoy being broke. All of it's enjoyable, because you can wow Heaven is I accept all things that is, and I'll end with this. People think spirituality is the mastery journey of getting to a place where nothing bad happens. But spirituality is no such thing. Spirituality is the mastering journey of getting to a place where no matter what happens, it's okay.

Adam Liette
Brother, I knew this was going to be an epic one. But the listeners out there, if you need to go back and listen to this again, I'm going to I don't know about y'all. But a lot to gather from here. And brother, thank you so much for your time. You've been so generous with us. genuinely appreciate it.

Before we go, one final short question, just to bring us back to the beginning. Who which Marvel superhero? Is Armand?

Armin Shafee
Um, all of them.

Adam Liette
Can't cop out? Come on, you gotta pick? No. All right, I see all of them in me.

Armin Shafee
The inspiring leadership of Captain America. The willingness and willingness to die of Iron Man, the quirkiness and the strength of Thor, the humble yet extremely raging beast mode of the Hawk, the loving compassion in that service attitude of the archer. The quick and flexibility swiftness and sexiness of Black Widow all of even the righteousness of thinking a rite of Venice, all of them.

They're all human. They're all just different components of your ego. That's what the movies are teaching you. Which when I gravitated towards Captain America, only because he is the symbol of a shield, protecting the people. And he's always the one who has the heart to do the right thing. Even if it's boring, even if it's doesn't feel good, even if it's hard, you can always count he will lay his life down. And that way, I hope I don't think I'm perfect, but I hope the arm and I'm building becomes that kind of a service attitude person.

Adam Liette
I love it, man. It's been such an honor. Like I said, You've been so generous with your time.

Unknown Speaker
listeners have links to the show notes. You gotta check him out at high ticket coaching.com. Like I said, he's definitely an inspiration. And there's thank you so much for your experience for sharing it with us. And if this just helps one one person out there, I mean, we're all on this journey together. None of us are figuring it out on our own. So, like lean on each other. And we will, we will certainly get to that that habit that we're trying to build for ourselves. So brother, thank you so much. And any last words before we wrap things up here?

Armin Shafee
Yes. I love you. I am you and you are me.

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