101. Becoming Your Superhero with Armin Shafee

People don’t grow businesses, business grows people. 

Throughout your journey you will face adversity, struggles, and pain. Doubt about how well you can actually make it through the day and move to the next level. 

Yet everyone now and then you meet someone that inspires you to take things to the next stage. To elevate yourself and become the next version of yourself. 

Today I’m thrilled to welcome Armin Shafee from High Ticket Coaching to the show. He’s an inspiring entrepreneur and leader that will be sure to inspire your own progression in this world. 

We discuss: 

  1. How to create a powerful culture that permeates not only your business, but inspires your followers
  2. Why leading isn’t about fear and intimidation, but by giving your followers a higher purpose
  3. The story about how completely removing of himself from his business helped him see his higher calling
  4. Why men need masculine and feminine energy to be our highest self
  5. How to pursue peace in your life to give you leadership skills you never knew possible

This was a packed interview that you’re sure to get a lot from! Thanks to Armin for taking the time to share with us today.

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