97. Finding Your Right-Hand Person with Olivia Clare

How much of a difference can having a second in command have in your business?

While many that listen to this podcast are the operator or already have an integrator/operator in their business, many haven’t made that jump just yet. And part of that is there’s some unknown about how to utilize an integrator or where to find them fully. 

Which is why I’m super happy to speak to Olivia Clare. She’s a professional integrator, the founder of the integrator agency, and the host of The Crystal Vision podcast


  • How the chaos around 2020/2021 helped to cement her role in the world and discover her superpowers
  • Why learning to handle the small problems builds us up to tackle bigger problems as you scale
  • How your vulnerabilities will be exploited and exposed during times of immense stress and how to guard ourselves from this
  • That having a strategic and tactical orientation to our thinking is a superpower which can propel things forward

Finding an integrator can be difficult, which is why Olivia has set up an agency to help align visionaries and integrators. 

If you’re ready to take this jump, I recommend reaching out to either of us to get started.

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