93. Becoming a Fearless Leader with Sha Sparks

What does it mean to be a fearless leader?

For many, leadership isn’t something that they ever pursued, but they were called to it. And often that can trigger a response that puts us into an uncomfortable space.

The good news is, you’re not alone.

Sha Sparks is the CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) of Sparks of Fire International. She hosts The Power of Investing in People Podcast, is the author of How to Get Your Voice Back, is a Certified Fearless Living Coach and Trainer, and the Co-Founder of the FIRESTARTERS Book Project.

In this episode, we uncover:
How formative experiences continue to impact us well into our adult years, and how to recover from those experiences
Why imposter syndrome comes into effect and how to overcome this feeling
That using our voice to tell our story can open us up to new possibilities and outcomes
Why physically journaling creates connections in our brain that releases past traumas and can help redefine ourselves

Most people have some kind of trauma that we (unconsciously) carry with us. Having ways to process these experiences and move on is an incredibly valuable exercise that I would suggest to anyone.

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