91. Getting Your Reps with Jarrod Haning

What if our brain was able to think at a much higher level?

We all know what it’s like to be hampered by indecision. To be unsure of the next step to take in our strategic plan. But what if our brain could be trained to break through these self-imposed limitations and clear the obstacles for us?

Today we’re joined by Jarrod Haning from Mindset Performance. Jarrod works with entrepreneurs to help them see past their blind spots and uncover their true potential.


  • How to double your income by purposely working less hours
  • The advice he would give advice a struggling entrepreneur WITHOUT seeing their personal MindScan.
  • Why focusing on getting things done kills your productivity and checking things over your to-do list lowers your income
  • How to harness the thinking patterns of success

This type of work is incredibly interesting and feels somewhat counter-intuitive, but the fact is that most of us already have the knowledge needed to progress. But we’re holding ourselves back.

Doing some mind pushups will help us get past our own limitations and truly see what is possible for us!

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