89. Lean Into the Friction with Ryan Withrow

What steps can we take to bring our marketing skills to the next level?

Despite all the bells and whistles that we have available to us these days, marketing really hasn’t changed. We’re just using different platforms. But studying and learning from those with years of experience is paramount to growing our skills.

Ryan Withrow from Awesome Communication joins us on the podcast. Ryan has more than 10 years’ experience in marketing, $500,000,000+ in direct sales, customer experience, inbound and outbound campaign implementation, call center management, and supervision.

Learn more about:

  • Studying from the masters will give us a leg up over the competition
  • How activating your creative brain through the arts can increase your ability to market
  • Why the increase demand for 1-1 guidance and expertise has become more imperative as automation has taken over the industry
  • How proactively reaching out to your tribe through outbound calls will lead to more sales and a competitive edge
  • Understanding the personality of a sales person will help you create the systems that will enable their success

Ryan is a wealth of information that’s worked with some legends in this industry. Hearing the tactical details of his methods is incredibly interesting and gives me some amazing ideas for my own marketing.

Enjoy this deep dive into sales!

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