87. Leadership Begins with You with Maggie Perotin

What exactly does it take to become a great leader?

Leadership is a buzzword that we often hear thrown around, but what does it actually mean to grow your leadership skills?

Today I’m speaking with Maggie Perotin from Stairway to Leadership. She’s a business and leadership coach who helps service-based entrepreneurs attract paying clients consistently and without overwhelm.

Discover how:

✔️ How taking radical responsibility for everything in her business allows for her positive outlook to really shine
✔️ Why creating space for your team members will help to establish trust and enduring relationships
✔️ How to process your emotions to avoid putting undue stress on your team
✔️ Routines that can help you center yourself and enable you to show up in the best way

I know that developing my own leadership skills is a continuous process that will never truly be over. When we embrace learning, we are setting the stage for this to become part of our professional development.

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