85. A Breath of Fresh Air with Chris Davies

Can something as simple as our breath have a massive impact on our health and productivity?

Breathwork is a superpower that I’ve only recently become fully aware of. But, it’s something that has truly made a difference and given me incredible clarity during times of chaos and calm.

But I’m no expert, so I’m honored to welcome Chris Davies to the show. He’s a veteran of the Royal Marines and Founder of OMM (AUM) Breathwork Community

Learn more about:
A simple strategy that will help you gain control over your breath in just a couple of minutes
How breathwork can help us live longer and heal quicker from injury and illness
One simple breathing strategy that can dramatically increase performance over a short period of time
Why short periods of breathwork several times a day can have a far greater benefit than long breathing sessions

The more I learn about this subject, the more fascinated I become. If you want to unlock your true potential and improve your health I highly suggest following Chris and begin practicing in just a small way.

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