83. Becoming a High Performer with Malorie Nicole

The journey that we’re on is never a straight line. We will encounter stressors along the way.

Learning more about ourselves and how we react to our emotional responses to these stressors is an amazing tool. And one that I’m continuously exploring.

Which is why I was super excited to welcome my new friend Malorie to come onto the show!

Malorie Nicole is a multi-certified coach, Forbes #1 Podcaster, limiting belief crusher and strategic thinker. She helps entrepreneurs grow their business, cultivate a healthy and fulfilling personal life, reach their full potential, and is the host of the Abundantly Clear podcast.

  • How performance habits are highly personalized and must be aligned with your purpose
  • Why emotions aren’t good or bad, but it’s our reaction to the emotion that can enable us to push through
  • A secret about acknowledging our growing pains will give ourselves the permission to release negative emotions
  • How boundaries can be a mutual back-and-forth to protecting our own energy vs. just time management techniques
  • Why building a healthy business is about building a healthy life

This was one of the most transformative interviews that I’ve ever personally done and had a couple of personal breakthroughs just during the process of talking to Malorie.

I know you’re going to love her and what she shares as we move through this journey together.

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