81. Aligned Workplace Values with Kelsea Warren

Are we living within our value system in our business?

Within all of us, there are personal values and workplace values. These may have similarities, but they have distinct differences as well.

Today I’m talking to Kelsea Warren from The Seamless Coach. Kelsea works with individuals and businesses to elevate their well-being and prevent burnout by identifying and aligning their workplace values.

Discover how:

  • If we’re not living within our values we’re likely to feel a lot of dissonance in our professional lives
  • How to create organizational values as documented and perceived values
  • Why your values must be reflected in the actions that your company takes
  • What to do when burnout occurs, including several tips and causes that may surprise you
  • Ways to build and manage our teams to help them work at their highest level of fulfillment

Kelsea is an absolutely amazing and giving person that I’m really honored to know personally in addition to having worked with on a professional level.

I guarantee you’ll get at least a couple of tips from this amazing episode of the podcast.

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