79. The Power of Story with Carrie Klewin Lawrence

What is an origin story and how does this impact our marketing?

Today I’m thrilled to be joined by Carrie Klewin Lawrence, the author of Origin Story: Power of the Inciting Incident to discuss how to develop your own origin story.

The stories that we tell can help our followers move through their hesitancy and step into their role of highest contribution.


  • How we curate our own stories
  • Why obstacles and detours can add interest to your story and help your followers know better know the real you
  • Utilizing inciting incidents to provide context for the story

Carrie walks me through a couple of exercises that really got me thinking and telling stories that can be used in my own life. It was really interesting and exposed just how deep this can take us!

Walking through the various exercises in the book has proven to be a great tool to help me develop my stories even further and I highly recommend this for all entrepreneurs and leaders.

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