77. The Future of Content Marketing with Jeff Dolan

Content marketing is a continuous part of growing your following. Building knowledge of your product or service must be part of your strategy to increase your revenue.

Jeff Dolan is the CEO of Wavve, a cloud-based platform that helps podcasters and other audio creators keep marketing on social media simple. He is a podcaster, musician, and award-winning filmmaker who loves to encourage creators of all stripes.

Today he joins the podcast to talk about content marketing and how it’s evolved from his time in corporate America to running a content SaaS.


  • How the market has shifted into the consumer’s purchasing decision
  • Why the increase costs in paid media has made content marketing more important to small business
  • Steps that he’s taken to become more confident in front of the camera
  • What the latest innovations in AI mean for the future of content marketing

Wavve is a software that I’ve personally used for my content marketing and I appreciate Jeff’s unique perspective on the future of content.

No matter where you are in the journey, keeping your eye on ways to maximize efficiency with your content marketing will continue to be important. There are numerous ways to repurpose material that will save you a ton of time going forward.

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