73. Accelerating Your Impact with Tori Barker

What if there was a way to increase your network while also improving your communication and sales skills?

Tori Barker from Creative Marketing joins the show to talk about her journey into podcasting. Since launching her show, she’s been able to quickly amass a wide audience and gain a lot of confidence in other aspects of her business.

Discover how Tori:

  • Got started in podcasting after being interviewed for a show
  • Prepares for interviews in a low-stress, high impact way
  • Increases the reach of her show by incorporating a wide variety of media during the promotional period
  • Builds it all into a system to take out the guesswork and empower her amazing team

Tori is an amazing entrepreneur that I’m thrilled to have gotten to know well over the last couple of months.

And she has something special happening right now!

Starting in February, Tori will be hosting the Podcast Accelerator Mastermind for podcasters that are eager to learn how to have an even greater impact with their shows.

Your humble (okay, maybe not so humble!) host has already joined and I look forward to seeing you there!

Message Tori on LinkedIn for all the details and secure your seat today! https://www.linkedin.com/in/toribarker/

And follow her show here: https://www.creativemarketingsacramento.com/podcast

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