8. Managing Recurring Tasks

When you’re running a business, the big projects are exciting and they inspire the team into action. It’s what tends to occupy most of our time in Operations and some of the most inspiring work that we’re able to do.

But most of your team and the team time is actually spent on all the recurring, day-to-day operational tasks that are required to keep the business running. In fact, while we’re off imagining and implementing the future of the company, our teams are deeply emerged in balancing any requirements that we have for them while simultaneously maintaining the day to day of the company.

And while Operators are drawn to those big and exciting projects, properly managing the recurring tasks are going to be a game changer for taking stress and anxiety off your team and making sure that things don’t get dropped during the process.

This becomes even more important as you scale and the recurring tasks become more important to fulfill on the promise that you’ve made to your customers.

The recurring tasks can make the difference between success and overwhelm.

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